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Skins Little Bang Artwork

Who'd Have Known? - Artwork
Author: lazy_boo 
Artist: pennylane101 
Link to Story: Here
Rating: M
Warnings: Some sexual content, Katie Fitch bad language
Disclaimer: I obviously (and unfortunately) do not own Skins or Lily Allen
Summary: Naomi runs into Katie years after she and Emily have broken up.  They become good friends, and then more.  Katie is hesitant to tell her family.
Notes: skins_bigbang entry. This is a little unorthodox as I understand it, but pennylane101  has asked me to post the artwork here, rather than her journal.  Please enjoy and go and tell her so.

 Cover Graphics:



Skins Little Bang

 Who'd Have Known

Who'd Have Known?
Author: lazy_boo 
Artist: pennylane101 
Link To Art: Here
Word count: 5447
Rating: M
Warnings: Some sexual content, Katie Fitch bad language
Disclaimer: I obviously (and unfortunately) do not own Skins or Lily Allen
Summary: Naomi runs into Katie years after she and Emily have broken up.  They become good friends, and then more.  Katie is hesitant to tell her family.
Notes: skins_bigbang entry.  Loosely based on the Lily Allen song of the same name.  Enormous thank you to pennylane101 for the amazing artwork and being so accommodating of my requests.

Who'd Have Known?
by lazy_boo

‘We’ve been here before Katie. So many times.’ Naomi tried to keep her tone even, really tried. But her frustration leached into her voice, driving the pitch higher. Higher than she’d like. Blue eyes rolled, and she took a deep breath. Exhaled slowly. ‘Let’s just see how it goes, you keep saying. We’ve been doing that for months now, Kay. And it’s going nowhere fast. I can’t... I’m not sure I can do this anymore.’

Katie, frankly, looked panicked. Opened her mouth, closed it. Again. Quiet desperation written across her expressive features. Naomi couldn’t suppress a disappointed sigh, shoulders slumping in resignation. ‘Katie, I can’t just be your dirty little secret any more. I want...’

‘What do you fucking mean, secret? All of my friends know about us.’

‘Not all of them. Not the people that matter.’ A pause. Blue eyes stared into brown - closed in anguish, when the smaller woman looked guiltily away. ‘I want to tell people, Kay.’ She recognised the irony, felt a sudden flash of empathy for Emily all those years ago. A lifetime ago. ‘I want to go back home and I want to tell my mum, and I want to tell your parents... and I want you to tell Emily. I want to make this real. Because it feels like I’m living a half life right now, and I’ve had enough.’

‘Naomi, I... I...’ When the brunette trailed off, Naomi exhaled audibly.

‘I know this isn’t easy. Fuck knows it’s the very last thing I ever expected to happen. Running into you again, let alone... let alone everything else that’s... Fucks sake.’ Katie looked nothing short of wretched, and it was hard - so very hard to press on. Knowing that she was possibly hurting them both. But she couldn’t live like this any more. ‘I can’t just be your regular shag any more Kay. You’ve... asked me for time, asked me to keep it quiet, and I have. I’ve done it because you’ve asked. But it’s gone beyond now. If this is just... fuck I don’t even know what it is for you, that’s what I mean. I’ve no idea if this is an experiment, if it’s comfort, just something fucking familiar. But I can’t be that any more for you. If that’s all it is then you need to let me go.’

+ - + - + - + - +

They’d run into each other down Naomi’s local one night, almost a year ago. The blonde had been out with a mate, and had nearly fallen off her chair when she’d heard Katie’s distinctive, strident lisp. Had considered making a bolt for it, in fact - but the brunette had spotted her as she made her way back from the bar. Naomi had expected it to be awkward, had expected Katie to be awful. Hadn’t expected them both to have grown up so much that it was rather fucking wonderful to catch up.

Katie had ditched her friends, and Naomi’s mate had quickly excused herself when the brunette bought a round and settled down at the table. Katie had been brash and acerbic - but she’d also been warm and friendly and genuinely interested in what the blonde was up to. It turned out that they were both living near by. Naomi was in the final year of her post-grad degree in political science, and Katie had finally decided that it was a good idea to enrol in that fashion design course that she’d contemplated for years.

They talked for hours, in the end, about everything and nothing. Who they’d kept in touch with from college and what they were up to. After the fifth awkward pause when the conversation had skirted around Emily, Naomi decided to take the bull by the horns, deliberately asked Katie how her sister was. The brunette looked a little startled by her frankness, but answered honestly. Emily had ended up teaching, back in Bristol. She was living with her partner, and they were due to get married later that year. Had looked a little apologetic as she imparted that. Naomi shrugged, smiled. A little wan, a little amused that it still stung after all this time. They’d drifted apart during the early years of university, not able to manage the distance. There’d been no real animosity, even when Emily had told her she’d started dating someone else. It just... happened.

Katie had clasped her hand, squeezed her fingers.

They’d exchanged numbers, promised to catch up again soon. The blonde suspected it would never happen, but it had been surprisingly lovely to catch up. Impulsively hugged the smaller woman goodbye when they parted.

Katie had called the next day.

Over the following weeks they built up an unspoken routine - at least once or twice during the week they’d have a drink after classes. Soon it became one night on the weekend as well. Katie’s fashionista friends were were not as intimidating as she’d feared, welcomed her into the group with open arms.

Naomi didn’t stop to question, or even think about what it meant. It was lovely, this friendship they’d fallen into. They had a lot of relaxed, easy fun together, and it was strangely soothing some old, lingering hurts she’d never realised were there. The blonde didn’t think anything was amiss at all until Katie’s extraordinarily gay best friend Julian winked cheekily - a knowing smirk lifting the corner of his mouth - when they were dancing one night. Katie had wrapped an arm around her neck, turned her body in towards Naomi so she could speak directly into her ear, and the blonde’s hands had unconsciously found the smaller woman’s hips, tugged her closer.

Naomi bolted as soon as she registered the look on Julian’s face. Stood outside the club, desperately trying to light a cigarette, hoping it would calm the roiling in her guts. The impending hurricane of her thoughts. Two fags later, and she’d rationalised it away. It was completely natural that she would have reacted to Katie that way, reached for her so familiarly. They were friends, fucks sake, and friends danced with each other all the time. And her body... well, her body was acting on instinct. It had an Emily sized and shaped body pressed up against it, it was no wonder... Well, it was just an old habit.

A habit she would most definitely break. To be sure, Naomi resolved to keep a physical distance between them. Just in case.

She didn’t really think about any of it again until a few weeks later. She’d been ridiculously busy with papers due, and they hadn’t managed to catch up for more than a quick drink here and there, making the resolution slightly redundant. Finally Katie had invited her round for dinner, citing a lack of funds to go out drinking. Had told the blonde to bring some wine, and they’d do a night in, have a proper chance to catch up. Waiting on the doorstep, bottle of wine tucked under each arm, Naomi mentally surveyed herself - bemused to find how much this appeared like a date. Astounded to discover that she wouldn’t mind if it was.

‘About fucking time babes. I thought the pasta was going to go soggy waiting for you.’

Blue eyes blinked. ‘Wh... Ah... I... So...’ Naomi trailed off, flustered.

Katie’s expression had switched from exasperated through bewildered to concerned. A small hand reached out, grasped the blonde’s forearm. ‘Are you okay, babes?’

Furiously suppressing any reaction to the casual touch, Naomi shook her head minutely. ‘What? Yeah, I’m fine. I just got a bit distracted.’

‘Just got a bit mental, more like.’


‘I always knew you had a screw loose, Campbell. Now get the fuck in here before the fucking dinner I slaved over is ruined.’

The meal was, of course, perfect - marred only by the inquisitive, troubled glances Katie periodically directed at her throughout the evening, and the need to constantly suppress her reaction to each casual touch the brunette bestowed on her.

She had a minor epiphany while Katie was bustling about in the kitchen with pudding. Transference, it had to be. Well, what else could it be, causing her heart to thump a disrythmic cadence in her chest, and a wild fluttering in her belly? She was here with Katie, doing all the things she used to do with Emily - the drinking, the dancing, the domestic nights in. It wasn’t about Katie at all.

The knowing made it easier. When Katie placed a bowl of apple crumble in front of her with a smile, Naomi returned it, letting the flutters subside.


Naomi’s comforting misapprehension was rudely shattered one day not too long thereafter. Things had settled between them since her revelation, Katie reestablishing their normal routine, with the addition of dinner at hers at least once a fortnight.

They were drinking down the local one Wednesday evening. Katie had an arm slung around Naomi’s shoulders as she laughed uproariously, Julian’s mincing impersonations and scathing anecdotes keeping the whole table in fits of giggles, when she heard a distinct, husky voice raised in outrage.

‘What the actual fuck?’

She would have laughed if she wasn’t so shocked. Every face at the table turned to the petite woman, practically vibrating with fury.

‘Emsy! What are you doing here?’ Katie disentangled herself, pushed past the blonde to stand beside her sister. Tentative hand extended in supplication.

‘What am I doing here? The fuck is she doing here?’

Naomi watch in uneasy fascination as Katie drew her sister out of the way, talked her down. Couldn’t suppress a wince every time Emily shot a disbelieving glace in her direction. Katie’s friends quietly left once they had grilled the blonde for details, more than one of them departing with a comforting squeeze of her hand and a speculative look. So she was alone at the table with her thoughts and her churning stomach when the sisters finally returned. Katie slid in beside her, Emily claiming a chair opposite.

‘So what, you two are friends now?’ A challenge.

‘Looks that way.’

‘The fuck, Naomi?’

A sigh. ‘Yes, we’re friends.’

‘And you never, in all this time, thought to, you know, mention to your sister that you were hanging out with my ex?’ Directed at Katie.

‘Well, no actually. What difference should it make?’ Katie gestured to the ring on Emily’s finger. ‘You’re well moved on now, I don’t see how it matters one way or another to you if we’re friends.’

Familiar brown eyes pinned her in place for a long moment, causing her to freeze, mid-breath. Emily bestowed a similarly intense look upon her sister, then shrugged. ‘You’re right, actually. It doesn’t matter, it’s more...’ The petite woman huffed, caught between exasperation and amusement. ‘Why the fuck didn’t you tell me Kay? I know about every other gay boy and fashion diva that you spend time with, why... you could have told me.’

‘I’m sorry, okay? I just didn’t want it to turn into this big deal and have you and mum up in arms about it.’ Naomi’s control failed her, and a snort escaped at that. ‘Oh, shut it you.’

‘Nice one Kay, because it didn’t turn into a big fucking deal after all.’ Katie rolled her eyes, delivered a playful slap to her shoulder. ‘Jesus.’ She shifted out of the way of another blow, then blue eyes caught the incredulous expression on Emily’s face.

‘Fucks sake. You actually are friends. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.’

It had been awkward at times, conversation stilted, but the three of them had a few drinks together. Cleared the air a bit, had a laugh. Emily seemed completely happy with her life and her choices, and it made Naomi really fucking glad. Knowing that they were finally getting their shit together, starting to make something of their lives. It gave her hope.

The other thing it gave her was closure. By the end of the evening, that chapter of her life, with Emily... it was done. It was a strange realisation, a feeling of dislocation from her past, and yet... And yet why, when Katie hugged her goodbye, deposited a kiss on her cheek, did her stomach flip?


The sense of closure was soon overwhelmed by the burgeoning understanding that she did actually fancy her best friend (for that’s what Katie had become). Not only her best friend, oh no, but her ex’s twin sister. It was appalling, it was cliche, it was so many levels of wrong. And she fought it, valiantly. Briefly. For about a week and a half she told herself that it was just the residual feelings, the transference dissipating. Staunchly refused to allow herself to be distracted by Katie’s perfume, or the delicate burr of her lisp. Resolutely kept her eyes averted from the brunette’s cleavage, and the curve of her lips.

Finally conceded, to herself, that she was well and truly fucked the next time she was around Katie’s for a Chinese and wine. The brunette had showered just before Naomi’s arrival, answered the door looking appealingly casual - free of make up and pretence, hair still damp. Naomi felt her heart swoop, her stomach plummet to somewhere in the vicinity of the floor. The last tendrils of denial evaporating like the remnants of fog on a sunny morning.

As far as Katie Fitch was concerned, she was a goner.

She expected it to be difficult, expected it to be a battle to suppress her feelings, keep a distance. The truth of the matter was, it was more of a surrender. Katie was frequently affectionate and demonstrative with Naomi, the blonde having taken some time to become accustomed. Now she revelled in it, savouring each hug, each kiss on the cheek. When they watched tv together she no longer sat on a different chair, or made sure they were separated by a cushion. They would inevitably find themselves snuggled together, Katie’s head resting comfortably against the blonde’s shoulder.

Dinners at Katie’s began replacing their usual nights out, happened with increasing frequency. Some nights they’d still drink, several bottles of wine melting away over the course of the evening. Erin, Katie’s flatmate, would occasionally join them, shaking her head at their lurid reminiscences of college antics. Other nights Naomi would bring her work with her, setting up at the kitchen table and basking in Katie’s quiet company. Often the brunette would sit with her portfolio, sketching designs and drawing up plans for her own assessment. Naomi regularly found herself distracted when Katie worked with her. She had such an adorable look of fierce concentration, the tip of her tongue protruding from between her lips when she was trying to get the lines just so. And her glasses... Naomi nearly swooned the first time she put them on, almost made them both self-conscious with her complete and utter inability to keep her eyes off the smaller woman.

Katie wore her glasses much more frequently after that. Neither of them commented on it.

Two or three times a week turned into four or five. Katie’s friends began to complain that she was neglecting them, so they made a point of getting out at least one night each weekend. Julian’s snarky looks were constant now, and Naomi merely shrugged. Smiled coyly. Denied nothing.

Staying over became the norm, rather than the exception. Many nights the blonde fell asleep with her head on Katie’s lap in front of the tv. She would awaken the next day cramped onto the settee, with the vague recollection of a pillow being placed gently under her head, a blanket arranged carefully over her frame. The impression of a lingering, yet chaste, kiss making her lips tingle pleasantly.

It was confusing and wonderful all at the same time. Katie’s normally affectionate behaviour escalated with each passing day. There was rarely a time that she wasn’t in some kind of contact with the blonde when they were together. Naomi hoarded each moment, tucked it away to ponder over later. At length. In detail. A miser compulsively itemising her accumulated wealth. It was only when she realised that her treasure was compounding that awareness dawned; was it possible Katie felt more for her as well? Jealously watched the brunette each time she interacted with her friends one night, and concluded... nothing useful. It was true that Katie was far more openly demonstrative with her than anyone else, but it wasn’t proof. Wasn’t worth risking things for.

And so the status quo prevailed until one night when they were cooking dinner together at the flat. Impatient for an opinion Katie reached up, deposited a morsel directly into the blonde’s mouth. When Naomi recovered enough equilibrium to chew and swallow (made extraordinarily difficult by the fact that Katie had not stepped away, and was staring intently up at her with an expectant look on her face) she could do no less than praise with exuberance. In response Katie smiled until she glowed - pushed up onto her tip toes and placed a slow kiss on the taller woman’s cheek. Glanced the corner of her lips. They both froze, gazes locked in something that felt like recognition.

The tableau broken only by Erin. ‘Oh fucks sake, you two, you make me sick.’ The derision in her tone was gently mocking, but it was enough to propel the blonde away to a safer distance. One where she was less liable to do something she might regret later. ‘Honestly, you’re like the most loved up couple that never was.’

It was a sobering thought. But it made her wonder. Gave her hope. So later that night (or more precisely early the next morning) when they were both yawning after a long, meandering conversation about everything other than what was happening between them, Naomi decided to take a risk. For once in her life be brave. While Katie disappeared into the bathroom the blonde turned off the lights, made sure the door was locked. Scuttled quickly up the stairs.

As she slipped into Katie’s bed, surrounded by the smaller woman’s scent, she had a momentary panic. Was about to make a bolt for it when she heard the brunette outside the room. Swallowed hard, as Katie paused in the doorway for an agonisingly long, fraught minute. Naomi braced for an outburst, but Katie merely slipped into the bed beside her, snuggled under the duvet. They breathed together for a long moment.

‘Is this... Is this okay?’ She really wasn’t sure what was going on here. Had expected Katie to blast her to hell and back for the presumption. Instead she heard the smaller woman’s breath catch.

‘Yeah. Yeah, it’s okay.’ It was a tone she’d never heard before, a shy wonder. It was so uncharacteristic that she turned to look, eyes straining to make out Katie’s features in the gloom. Found their faces unexpectedly close together. All she could see was deep, rich brown, Katie’s eyes staring into her own. Searching.

Then warm, soft lips were pressed against her own, and she was lost.

It didn’t go beyond a few tentative kisses, but it was enough. They drifted off to sleep wrapped in each other’s arms and a warm, contented peace.


‘Let’s just see how it goes, yeah?’

It was Katie’s immediate response each time Naomi even thought about questioning what was happening between them. And because she was flushed with euphoria of their tentative romance, still unsure quite what she thought about it all, she conceded.

The brunette had wanted to keep it a secret too, but their absolute inability to keep hands and lips off each other when they were alone had guaranteed that Erin caught them in a compromising position within the first week. She had snorted, smirked. Ribbed them mercilessly for about ten straight minutes, before hugging them both. Whispered in Naomi’s ear. ‘Good luck. You’re going to need it with that one.’

The blonde wasn’t naive enough to disagree, but in all honesty things progressed between them rather perfectly. They were spending so much time together already that nothing much changed, apart from the intent. When they weren’t together they kept in constant contact via text messages. No matter how mundane the message, each time she saw Katie’s name flash up on her phone it engendered a warm flush, an unexpected feeling of belonging.

Katie sometimes seemed... strangely determined; curiously... desperate. On occasion she would initiate the most intense, the most incapacitating, coherence-robbing kisses Naomi had ever experienced. They’d often happen out of the blue, as they’d be talking quietly, or watching some rubbish on the telly. The smaller woman would practically launch herself at the blonde - kiss her until she couldn’t breathe, until she couldn’t think, until her whole existence seemed framed within the space of their embrace. Suddenly pull away, staring directly into blue eyes. An indecipherable expression on Katie’s face, almost hinting at yearning, at inexplicable, distant pain.

Always Naomi would call her name, gently. ‘Katie.’ And the brunette would throw her arms around the taller woman’s body and squeeze like her life depended on it. Barely perceptible shudders wracking her petite form.

Katie would shake her head, an unconvincing ‘It’s nothing, don’t worry’ doing little to assuage Naomi’s vague unease.

One evening, to combat that feeling of disquiet, Naomi didn’t let Katie pull away. Surged forward when the brunette withdrew, pushed her back onto the bed and kissed her with deliberate intent. Wanted nothing more than to steal every thought out of the smaller woman’s head except her, except them. Katie responded far more ardently than she expected, and for the first time they found themselves fully unclothed, the feel of bare, sensitised flesh pressing together making the blonde groan out loud in pleasure. Brown eyes stared up at her, almost liquid with desire and unbearable vulnerability, stole the last breath from Naomi’s body. She poured her heart into every caress, her soul into each lingering kiss. And when Katie cried out her release, small hand clutching convulsively at the blonde’s shoulders, Naomi felt a sense of accomplishment and pleasure beyond anything she had ever known.

It scared her a little.

Katie proved to be surprisingly adept when she recovered enough to reciprocate, and many hours later, after Erin had banged on the wall repeatedly and told them to shut the fuck up, Naomi questioned her about it.

‘What, you want to know if I’ve fucked a girl before?’ Katie was stretched languidly across the bed, completely uncovered, seemingly relaxed. But there was a hard edge to her tone, and Naomi couldn’t suppress a wince in reaction, wished she’d never opened her mouth about it. The smaller woman held her gaze for a long moment, shrugged slightly, before rolling over and cuddling up against Naomi’s side. Arm wrapped possessively around the blonde’s midsection. ‘I guess that’s fair. Let’s just say... yes. This wasn’t the first time.’ A pause. ‘Is that a problem?’ Challenging.

‘Did you hear me complaining? Fuck Kay.’ Opted for levity, trying to diffuse the tension she could feel in the small body nestled against her side. ‘I was just curious, that’s all, whether it was the product of experience or a crackingly good imagination.’ Katie pinched her side sharply, but her body slumped more fully against the blonde’s side in obvious relaxation.

It was warm and cosy in Katie’s room, and Naomi enjoyed the undemanding intimacy of their embrace, the feel of Katie’s naked length against her side. She allowed her hand to trace a methodical path over the brunette’s flank, memorising the curves and contours, a cartographer mapping out the promised land. So entranced by the feel of smooth skin, the subtle interplay of muscle under the surface, that she was unaware that her touch had moved lower. Dangerously low, in fact - startled when Katie suddenly gripped her wrist, arrested the motion of her hand.

‘You need to stop that now, Naomi.’


‘I’m serious.’ And Naomi could tell that she was. ‘Stop being such a fucking tease, or I swear to god Erin is going to be in here screaming, and it won’t be pretty.’

‘You can’t be quiet?’

‘I can. If I really have to.’

Naomi tugged her hand free of the smaller woman’s grasp, rolled them both until she was hovering over her. ‘You’re going to have to try.’ Urgent.

It was Naomi that moaned then, as she watched Katie react - brown eyes dilating, breaths suddenly short and shallow. She sealed their mouths together, tongue tangling sensuously with Katie’s even as her fingers found the welcoming heat between her legs. They never broke the kiss, but in the end she wasn’t sure who honestly needed to be quieter, because when the smaller woman came with Naomi’s fingers inside her she was almost certain that she was shouting Katie’s name like a prayer to ancient gods.

+ - + - + - + - +

‘Experiment? You think this is just an experiment for me?’ Outraged disbelief. ‘Were you not listening when I told you that you weren’t the first woman I’d fucked?’

She should have expected it, should have known Katie would eventually fight back. She just didn’t expect it to hurt so much. The thought of Katie with someone else... it stung more than she’d ever want to admit. And because it burned she retorted without thinking. ‘Maybe I just didn’t believe it, because you’re so fucking determined to hide it, so entrenched in the fucking closet, how could anyone possibly know?’

Brown eyes sparked, raging incandescence, and the brunette opening her mouth to deliver what Naomi knew would a scathing, vitriolic reply.

Naomi raised her hand in a halting motion. ‘Stop. Just... stop please, okay? I don’t want to be fighting with you about this Katie, I really don’t.’ Relief flooded through her as Katie’s posture softened marginally, one eyebrow cocked in an expression that clearly communicated that Naomi better get the fuck on with this, and quickly. ‘I...’ A pause. ‘I just want to know what this is Katie. I need to know what we’re doing here.’

‘Why don’t you tell me? It sounds very much to me like you’re dumping me, quite frankly.’ It was harsh and demanding, but Naomi knew her well enough now to detect the slight quaver in her voice, the tiny indicators belying her upset.

‘Katie... believe me, that’s the last thing I want.’

‘Are you sure? It fucking well sounds like it.’

‘Kay, please.’ An entreaty. ‘I just...’ Paused, collecting her thoughts. Had to look away, because the brunette’s closed off demeanour, air of impatient belligerence, was making it impossible to find the words she needed to say. ‘I absolutely do not want to end things between us. The last few months have been incredible, really they have. But I just don’t know where I stand with you, and I can’t... I can’t keep doing this, I can’t commit to this if I think you don’t want that, if you don’t really want this.’ Blue met guarded brown, and she injected every ounce of sincerity she possessed into her voice, into her gaze. ‘I need to know that you want this Katie. I need to know that you want me.’

Katie scoffed, rolled her eyes - derision clear in her expression. Naomi’s heart clenched, stopped still for a long moment. When it resumed it was beating a slow dirge. Almost didn’t hear what the brunette said next, overwhelmed by sudden anguish. ‘That’s fucking rich coming from you, isn’t it?’

‘What? What do you..?’

‘I live every fucking day knowing that it’s not really me you want, Naomi. That I’m just a convenient second choice for you.’


‘Do you think it’s fucking easy, knowing that you’re only with me because of her? Fuck knows why I’ve let it go on this long, I should never have let any of this happen. But I fucking... For some stupid, completely fucked up, totally mental reason I... I started to actually care about you, and I thought it would be okay, you know? Thought I could just take what I could get.’

‘Fuck Katie...’

‘Yes, you’re awfully good at that actually. Probably another reason I’ve let this fucking charade go on so long. But did you really expect me to go back and tell my family about this, about what a ridiculous fucking mistake I was making? When I knew that you’d up and fuck off the second it got hard, the second you got tired of pretending that I was Emily?’


‘What?!?’ Exasperated.

In her shock she just blurted it out, that half-formed truth that had been hiding from her for months now. ‘You stupid twat, I love you. I love YOU for fucks sake. You, Katie fucking Fitch. Not Emily. This has never been about Emily.’

‘And you expect me to believe that?’ Incredulous. And yet the vulnerability was back in her eyes. Rich brown practically pleading, screaming out ‘Please don’t fucking hurt me.’

And it all made sense.

Katie’s determined nonchalance, her continual refusal to talk about their relationship. The desperate, emotional kisses, the tears in the middle of the night that the brunette didn’t know she was aware of. Her aversion to going back to Bristol for a weekend, or to organise drinks with Emily any time she was in London.

‘Katie...’ Hand extended, she willed the brunette to respond. Watched as the smaller woman waged an internal battle, and wilted. Almost crushed Naomi’s fingers when she finally reached out. ‘It’s really never been about Emily. I promise. I told myself... tried to convince myself that that’s all it was in the beginning, because I couldn’t believe I was stupid enough to be fancying you.’ Brown eyes widened. ‘Fuck, I mean... I didn’t mean it that way, okay? That’s not a reflection on you, I just meant I thought I was turning into some horrible cliche who ended up making an idiot of themselves over a twin who was not interested. And you were my friend, and it just seemed so ridiculous, so I told myself it must have been about her. And then she came to the pub that day, and we had that talk and after that... after that I knew I was over her and I knew it was actually you after all. And it really had been all along, I’d just been fucking kidding myself.’

‘I knew things changed after Em was down, but I thought...’


‘I thought seeing her had made you want her again, and so that’s why you...’

‘Jesus, no. Just no. It was when I finally admitted to myself that I absolutely wanted you, and I stopped fighting it.’ Naomi watched as Katie’s eyes unfocused, gaze going internal. Held her breath, scared to move lest this tentative peace fragment into further discord.

Finally Katie sighed, a huge, heaving breath. Squeezed the blonde’s fingers and blinked, brown locking onto blue. ‘So this truly isn’t about..?’

‘It’s not, it’s really not.’

‘And you really don’t..?’

‘I really don’t.’

‘And it was never..?’

‘It never was, even if it took me a while to realise that.’

The brunette’s solemn demeanour cracked then, allowing a warm, happy, slightly disbelieving smile to beam through. A smile that dispersed the heavy feeling in the taller woman’s chest, called an answering expression to her own features. Small arms were suddenly flung around her neck, her own arms filled with a compact, lithe body that she never wanted to let go of.

‘And do you really..?’ Whispered directly into her ear, almost sub vocal. ‘Do you really love me?’

The barely hidden apprehension, laden with a healthy side of insecurity, tore at her heart, compelled to to answer with fervent sincerity. ‘I really fucking do Katie. I love you.’

‘Good, because I love you too, yeah?’

+ - + - + - + - +

Katie called her family that same day.

Skins Little Bang

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Come and join the skins_bigbang !


This is the second in a five part series posed as a challenge by Vangoghgurrl - one story for each of the senses.

[Sensory deprivation type environment- silent and pitch black - sound]

Disclaimer:  I do not own Skins, but fuck I love the way it sounds when Emily and Katie are on the screen.  One of these days I'm going to remember to disclaim before I post.


It had started as a little bit of a game. A little bit of an experiment. Naomi had wondered out loud, wistfully, what it was like to have heightened senses. To be able to smell the changing currents in the breeze, hear the smallest sounds in the next room. Emily had laughed, her rich, husky belly laugh. The one that caused the blonde's stomach to flutter. So she persisted with her questions, and a feral gleam had appeared in brown eyes.

'Alright. Since you're so interested...' The redhead licked her lips, stretched languorously. Stood abruptly, and moved to the door. 'They say that when a person loses sight they compensate with their other senses.' A small hand picked up a remote control off the side-table, depressed one of the buttons. Naomi heard the mechanical rumble of the blinds sliding into place, the grinding click as they locked firmly. 'Let's see if that's true, shall we?' Naomi saw only a blur as Emily's hand shot out, hit the light switch. Then all was black.

It was like being pitched headlong into the middle of a nightmare. She couldn't see anything, couldn't hear anything except the frantic pounding of her own heart. The roaring in her ears was the sound of her own blood pumping. She cried out in her terror, and it sounded loud and unnatural.

'Shhhhh... You're okay, babes. I'm right here. I'm going to touch you now, okay?' Emily's voice in the darkness was a lifeline. A cool hand clasped her own, a smooth palm against her cheek, then she was pulled into a strong embrace. She buried her head into Emily's neck, sighed. Relaxed.

They remained that way for a time. As her heart rate settled and her breathing quieted Naomi let herself be immersed in the experience. She had spent countless hours wrapped up in the redhead, so the feel of her embrace, the scent of her... it was all comfortingly familiar. What became increasingly intriguing was the complete lack of sound, other than the ones she could identify coming from her own body. Shifting, she knelt - moved her head down the smaller woman's chest until it was nestled between her breasts. Ear firmly planted against her body. An amused huff sounded loud, then Emily froze.

Her body was completely silent. Naomi strained, trying to catch the slightest murmur of sound. Knew there would be no heart beat, no breathing. But still expected the gurgle of digestion, some indication of functional life. As a child she remembered being snuggled against her mother when she was sick, comforted and amused by the constant gurgle, the endless chatter of the digestive system. Couldn't believe that she'd never noticed until now that Emily's body was completely devoid of sound. She shifted her head, trying to press her ear harder against the smaller woman's chest. There was another quiet laugh, and Naomi became suddenly conscious of her position. The proximity of Emily's breast to her mouth. 'Oh.' Lurched abruptly to her feet.

'You didn't need to move on my account. I was actually quite enjoying it.' Naomi could hear the cheeky smirk in the tone, reached her fingers out. Found the redhead's face and gently traced her lips. Confirmed her suspicion. 'So... have you had enough now?'

'No.' The denial was out of her mouth before she had consciously thought about it. 'No, I... I'd like...'

'Come and sit down.' The blonde let herself be guided across the room, sat carefully when she felt the bed pressing against the back of her legs. 'Good.' There was a barely perceptible rush of air, then Emily's presence was gone. 'So what is it that you'd like, babes?' The husky voice sounded from across the room, a throaty, provocative edge sending a sudden jolt of lust though the blonde's body.

What Naomi wanted was to be seduced by that voice. To have it move through the darkness, wrap itself around her. Fill her up and own her. Emily was so good at anticipating her needs, her desires, that the blonde wasn't sure how to go about verbalising it though. 'I want... I want you to...'

'Tell me.' Quietly commanding. 'I'll give you anything you desire if you just ask.' A promise, laced with entreaty.

'I want you to fuck me with your voice.' It was easier, in the dark, to say such things.

'Just my voice?'

'Start with your voice. After that you can do anything you like.'

A satisfied growl reverberated through the blackness. Naomi sensed movement, gasped as a smoky murmur husked close to her ear. 'Anything? I'll hold you to that.' A slight rustle, a tiny creak. Two subtle thuds. 'Take off your shoes.' Naomi slid her feet out her flats. 'Good. Now your top.' And so it continued. Emily would issue a quiet directive, Naomi would comply. Until she was naked, tense with anticipation. Elevated breathing harsh in her ears. 'Now lie back on the bed.'

Naomi lowered herself slowly, consciously trying to be silent. Listening intently. There was a long series of rustling, the muffled sound of fabric being dropped to the floor. She tried to distinguish what item of clothing, but got distracted by images of Emily disrobing. Visualised the splendid, compact body being revealed, piece by piece. A subtle dip on the far side of the bed snapped her back to reality, senses immediately attuned to the redhead.

'I'm close to you now.' A low rumble. 'So close I could touch you. So close I can smell you. You want me to touch you. You need me to touch you.' Naomi could feel every nerve in her body react, felt as though her very skin were straining towards the sound of Emily's voice. 'I can hear your heart pounding. Every single beat is for me, and me alone. No one else can make you feel this way. No one else can love you like I do.' Emily's voice broke at the last, the teasing, sultry tone underlaid with a steel thread of possession. The blonde realised that Emily was fully invested in this – she was going to give Naomi exactly what she wanted. And the realisation made Naomi want to give Emily anything – everything – in return. A hot flush of desire washed through her body, heightening her senses. Caused a distinct wetness between her legs.

A low growl sounded in the darkness. Feral. 'I can smell you and it's driving me mental. I want my hands all over you. I want you in my mouth.' The bed shifted as Emily moved closer still. 'I'd start by running my hands up those long legs. Up and up and over your hips, over that gorgeous body until I reached your tits. I'd mean to keep going past, but they'd feel so fucking spectacular in my hands that I'd be compelled to stop. To linger over them. Take them into my mouth.' Emily's voice, low and hypnotic, was casting a spell over the prone blonde. Every word that dropped off those perfect lips hit her skin like a physical sensation, the husky timbre reaching deep inside. Making her wetter. Another growl vibrated through the night, barely audible. The blonde hair at the back of Naomi's neck stood up to attention. A faint sound entered her consciousness – a delicate snick. She moaned long and loud in recognition. Threw her head back to expose her neck.

Emily laughed, a victorious, sexy rumble that assaulted Naomi's ears in the best possible way. 'You are the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.’ Her voice had deepened, the somnolent purr of a lazily attentive beast. Her pronunciation subtly different. ‘I’d get one taste of your skin, and never want to stop. I’d ravish your tits until you almost couldn’t stand it, and then I’d lick every bit of skin between there and your mouth. Your fucking mouth... And I’d kiss you until you couldn’t breathe, kiss you until you couldn’t possibly think of doing anything else for the rest of your life.’

In that moment, Naomi couldn’t think of anything else. Her skin was unbearably sensitised, body undulating gently, unable to remain still under the redhead’s verbal barrage. Breaking point had come and gone. ‘Kiss me.’ Strained desperation. She cried out in relief when Emily complied instantly, possessed her mouth in a fury of tongues and lips and sharp delight.

Small hands claimed her body, seemingly everywhere at once. Grazing her nipples, raking exquisitely along her sides, caressing her belly, spreading apart long legs. One last long, swirling, mind-blowing kiss was bestowed upon her, and then Emily shifted abruptly. And that same kiss was being delivered between her thighs. She wanted to cry out, wanted to shout out to the whole fucking world how amazing this was. But Emily had robbed her of the capacity to do anything, narrowed her focus to the movement of her tongue, the pleasurable pain as her teeth made occasional contact. Eyes wide in the blackness, Naomi felt herself careening quickly towards release. She could hear the determined, contented murmurs that Emily was making, could feel the strong grip holding her hips firm. Emily growled softly, a low rumble that vibrated against her clit, a shot of pure lust. Naomi shuddered, her long body arching with tension.

Finally found her voice, a long, exultant scream of fulfilment being torn from her as Emily pressed three fingers inside her. Sank her fangs into the blonde’s femoral artery. It was so intense that Naomi’s mind overloaded, cascaded into blissful oblivion.

She awoke minutes later to the sensation of delicate kisses raining down over her body. Kisses so gentle and fleeting that she could almost hear them more than she could feel them. A satiated smile crossed her lips, and she stretched. Wrapped her arms around the redhead.

‘You okay babes?’

‘I am so much more than okay. Fucking hell, Ems, that was incredible.’ She could feel the redhead smile against her neck, could practically hear the cockiness exuding from her.

‘I aim to please.’

‘Well, you hit the fucking target dead on.’ She squeezed the petite form in her arms, nestled her mouth close to Emily’s ear. ‘Now, before you become too insufferably smug...’ Naomi rolled them over. Pressed into the redhead. ‘Let’s see how good my aim is.’

The Scent of Desire

This is the first in a five part series posed as a challenge by Vangoghgurrl - one story for each of the senses.

[Against the stacks in a used book store. Featured sense: smell]

Disclaimer:  I do not own Skins nor do I know what it smells like.  And that's probably a good thing.

The Scent of Desire

They'd stepped into the store hours ago, to escape the oppressive summer humidity for a few minutes. Nearly groaned in relief when the air-conditioned coolness washed gently over their overheated skin. The woman behind the counter had chuckled at their obvious reaction, bid them welcome. Told them to avail themselves of the coolness for as long as they'd like. Naomi had smirked, assuming they'd linger in the entrance for a little while before continuing on their way. Hadn't expected Emily to take one look around, and be lost.

The store was an old converted double story terrace-style house. The original structure and fixtures had been preserved, but every wall in the place had bookshelves built onto it. Each room had custom built free standing shelving as well, creating a narrow, labyrinthine effect. Emily cried out in delight, disappeared around a corner, and Naomi had a momentary panic that she'd never find the redhead again in this maze. She took off hurriedly after the smaller girl, trailed by a ringing laugh and the cloying scent of incense. Finally caught up to Emily two rooms down, having been distracted by the seemingly inexhaustible array of books on display. Emily smiled up at the blonde, the look on her face one of such pure pleasure that Naomi felt her stomach flip, heart thudding happily in her chest.

'This place is fucking amazing, I can't believe we've never found it before.'

'Mmm, it is rather wonderful.' Naomi left the redhead with her nose buried in a copy of Charlotte Brontë's Villette, continued through the stacks. Smirked, as she wandered through the fiction shelves, at the hundreds of unwanted vampire books. Blue eyes open wide in fascination at the rows upon rows of luridly coloured, tacky romance novels that lined the whole wall alongside the stairwell.

She climbed the stairs, snorted in amusement as they creaked ominously. Fit for a b-grade horror film. The upstairs was clearly less frequently traversed. Here the air was thick with the scent of promising discoveries: dust, old paper and leather bindings. Long fingers trailed over the spines, exploring. Naomi pored over the politics books for a while, flipped through several fat history tomes before finally settling in the far back corner of the store. Amongst the mythology and classics texts. Her guilty pleasure was an almost child-like fascination with the Greek myths. They were so awfully misogynistic, so terribly, overbearingly patriarchal. And yet...


Brown eyes twinkled, a knowing smirk curling the corners of red lips. Emily stood in the doorway for a while. Watching. Enjoying the absorbed look on Naomi's face, the way she bit her lip in concentration. The way her nose turned up when she read something particularly distasteful. Emily quietly placed the books she had selected on a nearby shelf, stalked silently toward the tall form in the corner. Waited until she was only a couple of feet away before speaking.

'I knew I'd find you with your head in a Greek myth somewhere.'

Naomi visibly jumped, pressed the heel of her palm into her chest. 'Jesus fucking Christ, Ems. You scared the shit out of me.'

'That was the idea.' Emily peered at the shelves, impressed by the collection on display. 'There's enough here to keep you going for a while.' A pause. 'But do you always have to find the dustiest, dirtiest place to loiter in?'

'Don't speak to me about dirty. I can guess what you've been looking at, I noticed the queer section down there. And the kind of books in it.'

Emily felt the flush heating her face. Smiled, sheepish. 'Alright, so we know each other pretty well, then.'

'Indeed.' Blue eyes studied her face for a long moment, flickered to her empty hands and back. 'So... did you find anything... interesting?'

'I might have.'

'Care to share?'


'Oh, so you're being coy now?'

Emily snorted, derisive. Plucked the book out of Naomi's hands and placed it on the nearest shelf.

'It doesn't go there, it belongs...'

The words were cut off as Emily leaned up and kissed her. Hard. She wrapped her arms around the taller girl's body, deepening the kiss as her hands roamed to the blonde's bum. Squeezed, using the leverage to bring their hips together. Naomi moaned softly and she used the opportunity to slip her tongue inside her mouth, moved one hand up to hook around the back of her neck. Drew her closer. She stepped forwards, guiding Naomi until she was pressed firmly against the bookshelf behind her. Small hands moved intently to the hem of Naomi's long tshirt, worked their way up and onto the warm skin of her belly. The blonde sighed into the kiss, and Emily felt the corners of her own mouth curl up into a cocky grin. Wrenching her mouth away from Naomi's lips, she pressed a line of wet kisses along her jaw and throat. Trailed her hands in long, sweeping caresses along the blonde's belly and sides. Each movement coming closer and closer to her bra.

Emily debated with herself for a moment. Knew she was teetering on the precipice of control, knew she should back away. But the blonde's skin smelt so good, salty and sweet with her perfume. The quiet, the sense of solitude, the permeating scent of the books around them all combined to overthrow her restraint. Her mouth latched onto Naomi's pulse point, sucked vigorously as small hands covered her breasts.

'Fuck! What are you doing?'

'I want you. Right now.'



'Shhh.' Emily reached behind the taller girl's back, expertly unclasped her bra. One smooth motion pushed both the tshirt and the bra up, uncovering her breasts. Naomi wasn't sure if it was the sudden exposure to the cool air or the hungry look in brown eyes that cause her nipples to harden. She bit her bottom lip, struggled not to cry out as a warm mouth closed over one breast, a small hand teasing and caressing the other.

'Jesus.' Naomi threaded a hand into red hair, clutched one of the shelves behind her with the other. Needing support for her suddenly weak knees. Emily's free hand moved purposefully down the length of the taller girl's torso, over the curve of her hip, along her thigh. Bunched up her skirt until she was touching bare skin. There was no teasing. The redhead drew her fingers up Naomi's inner thigh, caressed her very deliberately through her knickers.

'You need to take these off babes.'

'But what if..?'

'Just do it.' A pause. 'Please.' There was a raw quality to Emily's tone that shot straight to her groin, caused a sudden surge of wetness. Was impossible to deny. She reached down, slipped the material over her thighs. Let them drop to the floor. The redhead used her feet to guide Naomi's legs apart. Smiled, feral. 'Good. Now hold on.'


Naomi was slick and hot, smooth and wet. So very good. Emily's fingers glided over her clit, firm, unhurried strokes that she knew Naomi loved. She pushed the taller girl's top up again, matched the rhythm of her tongue on her breast to the one set by the fingers between her legs. Long hands grasped her shoulders, clutching for support as Naomi slumped heavily against the bookshelf behind her.

Conscious of their compromising position, of that fact that the blonde would be mortified if they were caught, Emily increased the pace. Within minutes Naomi was thrusting against her hand, a high pitched whimper building in her throat. The redhead moved her hand suddenly, muffled the sound of Naomi's protest by kissing her fiercely. Her fingers travelled down and...


Pushed inside, one firm, fluid motion that overrode any compulsion to be silent, had her crying out into the redhead's mouth. Adept fingers pumped in and out, a strategically placed thumb grazing her clit with each thrust. The pressure built and crested and Naomi threw her head back. Dislodged some books from the shelf behind her. She came with the scent of old books and Emily filling her senses, clamping her eyes and her jaw shut. Willing herself to silence. As the waves subsided she became aware of Emily placing tiny kisses on her face and neck, whispering over and over that she loved her.


'I love you too.' Shaky. 'Although if you pull another stunt like this I may never recover.' Blue eyes finally opened, looking a little dazed. Rueful. 'I can't believe you...'

'I know. I'm sorry. I just couldn't wait to get home.' But the redhead wasn't really sorry. Naomi had looked so sexy there amongst the stacks, it had been impossible to resist. Inconceivable to consider waiting. And fuck had it been hot. So hot that she just wanted...

'I think we need to leave. Now.'

'Oh yeah. Take me home, babes.'

Running Late

Disclaimer:  I really should disclaim that I do not in any way, shape or form own Skins, Emily Fitch or Naomi Campbell.  I just like to take them out and play with them sometimes.

Emily Fitch awoke to the sensation of being eye-fucked. She could feel it, almost like a palpable caress, the awareness of ice blue eyes tracing the length of her body. The sweeping contour of her back and hip. The curvature of her arse. She was about to roll over and really give her lover something to stare at when she heard a quiet sigh. Barely felt a gentle tug as long fingers stroked her red hair splayed out on the pillow behind her, tangled in it briefly before releasing their grip. Caught a whisper, almost soundless. 'What you do to me...'

Emily lay still for a long moment. Kept her breathing slow and steady. Waited, to see if the normally reticent blonde would reveal anything further. Instead she heard another sigh, felt the bed dip as Naomi rolled away towards the edge. No no no, that's not on. Feigning sleep still the redhead grumbled quietly, shifted a little. She sensed the other body freeze, radiating sudden tension. Deciding to go for broke Emily shifted again, rolled over onto her back. Flopped the arm closest to the blonde up and over her head. Almost lost it then, trying to pose herself artistically – provocatively – but somehow still seem asleep. She coughed a little, to hide the tiny huff of amusement, excuse the twitch of her lips. Concentrated intently on her breathing - in, out, in, out, in, out – until she she was confident of her control.

'Christ.' The expletive was rasped, hoarse. Broken. Emily felt the bed dip again, but this time felt the accompanying warmth as a long body moved towards her. Closing the distance, but not touching. There was silence for a minute. Maybe more. Emily fancied she could hear the wheels furiously spinning in Naomi's head, the impression fuelled by the taut rigidity of the blonde's body. The redhead heard one more sigh, a capitulation. 'Fuck it.' Then a warm hand was upon her, stroking a long line from her neck all the way to her thighs, and it was all she could do not to moan, not to react.

Wet already, heady with the power of her own irresistibility, she almost held her breath when she felt gentle fingers tangle in her pubic hair. Knew she'd be given away by the copious wetness that was gathering between her thighs. But the hand moved away, mapping the planes of her abdomen, a finger dipping into her navel. Continued it's exploration over her stomach, between the valley of her breasts. Emily felt her nipples harden, anticipation finally wresting her control, speeding her breathing. And all pretence was lost when she felt a hot mouth close over her breast, Naomi's tongue working her nipple, playing with it in a way guaranteed to drive the redhead mad with desire. 'Oh fuck...' Small hands buried themselves in blonde tresses, her hands closing into fists when she felt teeth clamp down, felt Naomi chewing gently. She cried out, wordless in her pleasure. Ended with a note of disappointment when the mouth removed itself. Brown eyes finally opened, looked up into accusatory blue.

'You've been awake the whole time you little shit.'

She wrestled the smug look away, lips curling into a coy smirk. 'And..?' So what if I was? What are you going to do about it? You fucking love it. It was all there in the tone, the look in her eyes. Knew Naomi got the message when blue eyes widened, then narrowed, and the blonde head shook.

'I should leave you like this.'

'Don't.' Emphatic. 'Please.' Emily wasn't above strategic begging. 'Please...'

Naomi's frown remained implacable for a long moment, to the point where Emily began to consider taking drastic action. But finally the blue eyes softened, mouth relaxed into a wry grin. The blonde looked like she was about to offer one of her trademark sarcastic comments but Emily didn't give her the chance. Leaned up and captured her mouth. No hesitation, no bashful foreplay, just a solid connection of their lips and tongues that had them both breathless and desperate within seconds. Small hands grasped the taller girl's shoulders, pulled forcefully until they sprawled backwards onto the bed in a tangle of limbs. Emily freed one leg, immediately wrapped it around Naomi's hip. Used the leverage to grind herself against a very accommodating thigh.

A disapproving growl emerged from deep in her throat when the blonde removed her thigh, and she was about to protest when long fingers slid through her folds, played with her clit. Teased her skilfully. The growl returned, but the timbre had modified into satisfaction. Emily broke their kiss suddenly, found the pulse point on Naomi's neck. Bit down.

'Jesus Ems!' The redhead smiled briefly as Naomi tilted her head slightly, allowed her better access. 'What's gotten into you?'

'Not you yet.'

Naomi froze for a moment. Snorted, and shifted so she could look into brown eyes. 'I meant...'

'I know what you meant. I've been turned on since I woke up with your eyes all over me. I want you to fuck me.' She grinned when blue eyes widened, felt the fingers at her centre twitch, move almost involuntarily. Then a coolly calculating expression crossed the blonde's face.

'No. You've been playing me all morning. It's my turn now.'

Emily swallowed hard, recognising the look. Responding to both the words, and the tone. Oh yeah. It's going to be long and slow and... 'Okay.'


'Oh yes.'

Naomi smiled then, a predatory gleam thawing icy blue. Making her eyes positively Mediterranean. Emily wanted nothing more than to dive in, immerse herself in Naomi and never look back. She bit her lower lip. Anticipation building the longer the blonde did nothing more than look at her. Finally, finally Naomi moved. Reached out and grasped Emily's wrists, and the redhead nearly sighed in relief. Her hands were stretched above her head, guided under the headboard. 'Hold on.' She nodded, made a show of gripping the timber. 'Good.' Blues eyes raked up and down the small frame below her. Emily could not suppress a shiver, could feel goosebumps break out along her length. Knew Naomi could see it.

Emily watched as Naomi's tongue darted out. Wet her lips. She was so focused on that tongue, on the blonde's mouth, that she almost missed the shrug that followed. 'You know, I was going to draw this out and make you wait and wait and wait. But really, stretched out like that... you look good enough to eat. So why should I deny myself?'

Brown eyes snapped shut as a warm mouth pressed against her own, a tongue demanded entrance. Exploring. Possessing. Owning. The kiss became her whole world, the reason for her existence. Constellations were birthed, sustained life and exploded in giant supernovas while the kiss went on and on. Yet it was over too soon. The blonde released her, licked a warm, wet trail over her jaw, along the column of Emily's neck. Played briefly in the hollow at the base of her throat before continuing up the swell of her breast. Again there was no teasing. Naomi captured the erect nipple in her mouth, sucked forcefully. 'Ah fuck... yesss...' It was so hard, so very hard, to restrain herself. All she wanted to do was grab the blonde head, mash her face into her chest, make it harder. 'God, harder.' Emily cried out wordless thanks when Naomi complied. Bit down on the nipple in her mouth, brought her hand up to cover the neglected breast. Squeezed and tugged and rolled and it felt... 'So fucking good.'

She could feel a steady pulse, a tightening low, oh so low in her belly. Emily pumped her hips, desperate for contact. Failing to gain purchase on anything except empty air, she opted instead to squeeze her legs together. But her inner thighs were slick, and there was no relief to be had that way either. A whimper escaped her lips, high pitched and yearning. She was desperate, to the point of pain, about to beg and plead and offer her soul for the promise of relief when the blonde suddenly shifted. Spread Emily's legs. There was a moment – an eternity – of agonised anticipation. Then blessed deliverance.

If there was one thing that Naomi was truly good at, it was the use of her tongue. And she employed it now, to such good effect that there were quite likely to be fingermarks imprinted into the headboard. Emily held on for dear life, walking a delicate line between wanting the exquisite sensations to last forever, and wanting to come right fucking now. Naomi seemed to want to linger, her tongue darting everywhere, staying nowhere more than a fleeting instant. The redhead nearly hit the roof each time the tongue plunged itself inside her, or played briefly with her clit. It would have been enough, but she wanted to oblige her blue eyed goddess. She needed a distraction.

Brown eyes flicked open, searching for something to concentrate on. Alighted on the lean length of Naomi's thigh and flank, unexpectedly close to Emily's head. Bingo. What better distraction could there possibly be? She released her grip on the headboard, grabbed the leg nearest her. Simultaneously lifted, and pulled. There was an outraged squawk from the taller girl as she was overbalanced, hands clutching for purchase on sweat slick skin. Emily used the momentum, had Naomi positioned with one knee on either side of her head before the blonde regained her equilibrium.

'What the fuck, Ems? I thought I said...' The words faded into a moan as Emily settled herself, wrapped strong arms around her thighs and pulled down to her waiting mouth. Deliberately mimicking Naomi's own ministrations she flicked her tongue, teasing and stimulating, and soon the blonde was rocking her hips. 'Forget what I said. Jesus.' Breathless.

In the end it was just as long and slow and delicious as Emily could have possibly hoped. They took their sweet time, teasing, daring. Taunting and worshipping. Naomi surprised them both by coming first, biting down hard on the redhead's inner thigh as she shuddered through her release. She shifted as soon as she recovered, flipping around and taking Emily's mouth in a furious kiss as she pushed two long fingers inside her. Emily screamed into her mouth and the blonde gave no quarter, thrusting with both her tongue and her fingers until the smaller girl arched off the bed. Was finally granted absolution. The waves of her orgasm so strong that it rocked the both of them.

As they drifted together in post-coital bliss, Naomi's fingers still buried deep inside the redhead, Emily felt the rumble of a quiet chuckle. She blearily blinked open brown eyes, shot a mildly curious look at the blonde. 'You're really going to have to start wearing pyjamas. Otherwise we're always going to be terminally fucking late...'


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